simudo package


The code is logically organized into several subpackages.

  • physics contains all the code specific to the semiconductor device modeling problem, including optics and problem-specific solution methods.

  • fem contains utility code that enhances or wraps FEniCS objects and methods, and implements general solution methods (like Newton’s method) that are not specific to the device modeling problem. This code is used extensively by the physics package.

  • mesh contains mesh generation and manipulation code, as well as the topology specification module (e.g., CellRegion).

  • io contains data import/export code.

  • plot contains plotting helpers, intended to be used to postprocess the exported data and turn it into pretty plots. This package can be used without importing dolfin.

  • util contains a variety of small utility modules that didn’t fit anywhere else, like the logging filter setup.

  • pyaml implements the source translator for “py1” files, and turns a YAML-based format into Python code.



simudo.matplotlib_backend module


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